WAKA Austin – Week 8

August 20, 2009

Great season Kickballers!! As we finish week 8 and look to the playoffs, we ask ourselves many questions:  Who will win it all? Will Relax get beat by fast, free-basing hippies? What kind of skirt will Andre be wearing Thursday night?

I’ll leave you with that.. Keep pondering and good luck in the playoffs everyone!!!


Picture 6



He’s baaaaaaaack…

Hello there kickballers…
It was a hell of a season and it looks like Relax walked away
with the regular season title…but wait, with a loss? Yes,
congratulations to Freebasers for defeating Relax for the first time
in club history (in Jay’s words “Dynasty history”). It was a great
game by both teams but with Freebasers limiting their errors on the
field and having a great game at the plate. It looked like the
Liver/Pitches game was going to be a close one until some screw came
loose in the Pitches fielding and Liver ran away with the victory.
No games thursday for us, but that does NOT mean we can’t drink.
So in honor of 99.7% of us dedicating our friday mornings to not
letting our bosses see our blood shot eyes I am promoting a Capital
flipcup/some form of drinking game tourney at the fields around 7:30
or so…Afterwards, a possible division trip to Jovitas sounds
good…I am pretty sure Scott misses all of us.
Finally, the playoffs…. If everyone could get out to the fields
around 10:30 am or so on saturday that would be fantastic. Just to
make sure we have everyone there and if possible, we start 5 minutes
early for once. We are doing double elimination with the last game
ending at 5pm. Liver will be out there at 9am tailgating, starting to
bbq for the afternoon, and trying to remember what happened the last 9
thursday nights. Come join us with your tents, bbq pits, coolers o`
beer and your favorite music while we mourn/celebrate the last week of
Good luck this weekend to everyone, and hope to see you out there
thursday and saturday. I appreciate all of you playing and look
forward to seeing you next season. Take care guys.



Just for entertainment, I’d like to reintroduce everyone to WAKA Austin’s Board of Directors. The decision-makers.  These are the folks that put together awesome seasons of kickball. They also sing kareoke when off the kickball clock. If interested in helping out with WAKA and brainstorming new events/ideas, shoot Cameron an email. Along with your favorite kareoke song, of course.. (Personally, I think it helps to have an iPhone when there’s no camera around and the ability to NOT carry any sort of tune. But that’s debatable.)




Walk OF Shame
For those of you who missed the Walks resounding loss against LeBALLskis, it went a little something like this:

Yeah that pretty much describes our life last week. Terrible. They dominated us. That’s ok. Back to the drawing board for Shame. On the a brighter note, we did have one MVP. The ever scrutinized Chris Sobremonte. He got on base every time he kicked and scored. He prevented a shut out. Take solace in that. Bring it like that every week, and the girls will be whispering your name (Slob… Slob… Slob…). We will bounce back. Besides, wanted to see my ass and legs way more than I wanted to see his, so he had his team play out of their minds for one week only. Typical. What the hell was I thinking?? Effing skirt… Oh well.

Now it’s on to playoffs. We like to model ourselves after our kickball idols, Kids in Rehab. Last season, they had almost the exact same trouble we did. Had a murderous schedule. Bad regular season record. Then BOOM… killed it in the playoffs. That’s our new goal. Worst regular season in Walks history followed by the best playoffs in Shame history too. What better way to kick it off then play against our old playoff nemesis from last season, Weapons of Mass Consumption. Nice folks. But it was probably the most intense game ever. It went 8 innings. We haven’t forgotten. I know they haven’t forgotten about it. They’ve come long nicely since last season. They are still bottom dwellers, and this year we join them. Should make for a great teams with two teams having absolutely no expectations of greatness from anyone. We’ll see you folks out there on the field. No mercy!!!

no mercy




We thought having one of our pitchers dress up as Billy Ray Cyrus would throw off the offense but alas, the mullet just wasn’t enough. Kudos to Steven “the Foot” Crosley for scoring our only run of the game and Chris “Happy Feet” Neumann for kicking him in. Shout outs to Kai, Jeremy, Emily and the outfield for stellar defense.

Another tough loss, but another well played game. Lady Luck was definitely on Hannah Montana’s side.


Relax and Let It Happen

We lost for the first time in a long time. We didn’t play well, but we don’t want to take anything away from The Freebasers’ efforts. They deserved to win. It’s good for a powerhouse to get caught slipping every now and then, because it reignites the fire. We will never take winning for granted again, and we can’t wait to play The Freebasers in what will probably be the Championship on Saturday.


Liver Let Die Picture

Great game Pitches.

Alright, let’s go straight to the shout outs.  First off, Nasty Nate returns after a 3 week hiatus with some new scars to show off and grabs MVP of the game.  He was solid at short stop and had a home run and a triple.  Bryan made a most impressive grab at 1st base to get the out while also logging two RBI’s.  James returned after a small hiatus to drive in 2 runs and pitch a 1-2-3 shutout inning.  PQ confidently took over the 4th spot in the lineup and pulled in an RBI.  John was on base 3 for 3 and Jake had 2 singles!  Phrog grabs defensive player of the game shutting down the bunts from Pitches.  No ball got in the air he didn’t pull down for the out.  As for the ladies….well, they rocked, as usual.
We are finally starting to gel and what better time.  We could just be a real force to be reckoned with come this Saturday’s playoffs.  With just the right amount of Bloody Mary’s, confidence, courage, beer, shots, beer, courage, and shots we could shock the system and win it ALL!!!

1-2-3 LIVER!!!


Big LeBALLski’s

The LeBALLSki’s learned a lot of good things last week.  The main one being that Dre’s trash talk literally means nothing.  The next being that we are awesome, and the last being that we had a great time playing WoS and we love you, Dre.  Sorry if the bleeding hasn’t stopped yet though…

The girls were amazing.  Getting on base, great base running, excellent field presence… we really couldn’t have asked for more.  Chase’s first inning bomb with one on set the pace for the game and we rolled our way to a 7-1 Victory.

We would be COMPLETELY remiss if I did not mention Bruce’s 5th inning swan dive to catch a ball in the outfield.  He laid out as much, if not more, than humanly possible.  That gave us the defensive “can do” to finish out the game.  So great.

So it looks like we finished 3rd for the season.  Not sure how to feel about that, but I’m pretty sure this guy on the right does:


Can’t wait to see all you guys in the playoffs.  And be ready, because “[we’re] throwin rocks tonight!!”




The Teabagger’s would like to thank everyone at WAKA for a great season, far better than the competing kickball organizations in Austin, who shall remain nameless.  While we weren’t able to teabag everyone we would have liked this season, we were able to teabag several quality teams.  I would like to take special note of Walk of Shame, who have gratuitously stolen their logo picture from the alma mater of several of the Teabagger’s and greatest university on earth: The Ohio State University.

Being connoisseurs of the finest arts, we refuse to go on and on about the droll details of this week’s game.  We refuse to mention that the opposing team contains at least one former Division I athlete and certainly we refuse to discuss the Fireballer’s PREVIOUSLY undefeated flip cup status.  No, instead, we chose to express ourselves through the majesty of cultivated photography, which more fully captures the essence of the entire night.



Baby Jesus



Short and sweet this week..

Good luck to all the teams tonight!!

See ya’ll on the field!!!

6:45 pm

Field 2:  Hanna Montana v. XXX Men
Field 3:  Walk of Shame v. Weapons of Mass Consumption
Field 4:  Bobcats, Pumas and Dawgs v. Stunder

7:30 pm

Field 2:  Baby Jesus v. Sexy Pitches
Field 3:  Booze on 1st v. iKickballs

8:15 pm

Field 2:  Toe Blasters v. Smirkin Merkins
Field 3:  Been There Balled That v. Ace of 2nd Base


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